January 2019

Dear Resident,

M6 junction 16 to 19 smart motorway scheme

Overnight full carriageway closures and slip road closures

The M6 Junctions 16-19 Smart Motorway scheme are completing vital work in preparation for project completion in March. This requires full night time closures, to enable the scheme to undertake the activities safely. This work includes, but is not limited to, carriageway resurfacing, gantry erection, signage installation, structural works and removal of the traffic management.

We will close the M6 overnight on the following dates and the following locations:

Slip road closures only

Monday 7 Jan J18 southbound on slip

Tuesday 8 J17 northbound on slip

Wednesday 9 J17 southbound on slip

Thursday 10 J16 northbound on slip

Friday 11 J18 southbound off slip

Saturday 12 J19 northbound on slip

Sunday 13 J19 southbound off slip

Monday 14 J18 northbound off slip

Tuesday 15 J17 southbound off slip

Sunday 20 J16 northbound on slip

Full carriageway closures


Thursday 17 January J18-19 northbound

Friday 18 January J19-18 southbound


Monday 18 March J17-18 northbound

Wednesday 20 March J18-17 southbound


Monday 21 January J16-17 northbound for 7 nights

Monday 28 January J16-17 northbound for 7 nights

Monday 4 February J17-16 southbound for 7 nights

Monday 11 February J17-16 southbound for 5 nights

Saturday 16 February J16-17 northbound for 2 nights

Monday 18 February J16-17 northbound for 3 nights

Thursday 21 February J17-16 southbound for 3 nights

Tuesday 19 March J16-17 northbound

Thursday 21 March J17-16 southbound

Monday to Thursday closures are from 10pm to 6am, Friday and Saturday closures are from 10pm to 8am.

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