Ward Councillor from Congleton West, Suzie Akers Smith, attended the 25 January meeting of Brereton Parish Council in her role as Cycling and Walking Champion. She encouraged comments to be submitted on required improvements to the roads, rural public transport and byways to be considered for central government funding. The email address for the Active Travel local transport plan where comments should be sent by the end of March is: ltp@cheshireeast.gov.uk The 2020 Connecting Brereton parish survey will be considered as part of this strategy.

Cllr Akers Smith will shortly be undertaking a walking safari of the parish with Chair Andy Lindsay. The Cycling and Walking Champion is promoting an agreed ‘20’s Plenty’ scheme for villages where particular dangers exist around schools and parks. Related to this, Brereton Parish Council continues to work on infrastructure improvements highlighted by the 2020 parish survey. An information sheet has been compiled for residents to help them improve their broadband provision and a Cheshire East contractor called Airband is being consulted to see if they can assist with rural areas where connectivity is poor.

Further advice is being sought on the weather-delayed Brereton Green to Brereton Heath bridlepath resurfacing of potholes project (the non-vehicular stretch), in order for this improvement work to commence in the Spring.

Go ahead was given to request specialist traffic management consultancy bids. The request is being prepared with a local retired civil engineer who attended the meeting. This work is in two parts; aimed at improving the safety of the A50 between Brereton and Bluebell Green and safer walking and cycling paths alongside the A50.  Also to improve parking and safety on the roads near the local nature reserve at Brereton Heath and at the primary school. Cllr Clews gave an update from the nature reserve ranger Mark Arnold who stressed that he felt the increased traffic on site is mainly lockdown related and the importance of a balance with the eco-system and footfall. He is requesting permission to share usage data with the parish council and commented on how well behaved visitors to the site are, especially with regard to litter.

At the meeting Bluebell Green resident Steve Bourne was appointed to the Brereton Parish Councillor vacancy, following the retirement of Jane Deans after 21 years of valuable service. The meeting also discussed and rejected the Bloor Homes application to Cheshire East for an additional 25 houses at Bluebell Green and updated on issues of breach of planning control and highway safety issues.  The Headteacher from the Primary School had alerted the parish council to the replacement fence which is being erected around the school grounds.

The parish council has written to Cllr Crane at Cheshire East to request that the decision on not replacing the Congleton Recycling Centre be changed. They proposed that the £4million set aside in Cheshire East’s budget  be used to build a new Recycling Centre with good access from the link road and suggested the current contractor’s compound near the Airbags factory. Ward Councillor John Wray supported the idea of that location and recommended that the letter to Cllr Crane is forwarded to Congleton Town Councillors Robert Douglas and Suzie Akers Smith.

Brereton Parish Council meetings, currently via zoom, are held monthly. The next virtual meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 1 March. All residents of the parish are welcome to attend all or just the first part of the meeting and input on issues of local interest in the public forum session. For meeting dates, see the parish notice boards or www.breretonparishcouncil.org.uk

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