At their December meeting, Councillors discussed and agreed to continue supporting local community initiatives for 2019/20. These included consultation for the possible revision of the Neighbourhood Plan, better litter bins, broadband, support for the community interest group, speed indicators, music and drama at Brereton Primary School, the Bear Festival and Rose Queen programmes.

Of the three planning applications considered at the meeting, it was felt that enforcement needed to be instigated on one, an objection on another and general observations on the third were required. It was noted that the variation to the commercial aspect of the Bluebell development had been approved by Cheshire East.

Highways safety issues were on the agenda as Brereton Parish Council strives to work with Cheshire East Highways to make the rural roads safer.  The use of speed indicator devices is being pursued.  A group of residents from all points of the parish have offered to be trained by the local Police Community Support Officer on speed guns.

Residents discussed the potential merits and disadvantages of a lower speed limit for Brereton Health Lane. A resident asked again about the possibility of having a street light installed at the top of Brereton Heath Lane where it meets the A54 to give better visibility at night.

Ward Councillor John Wray advised that there will be a review of Town and Parish boundaries, which will be a lengthy process, with any changes coming into by in 2023.

The next meeting of Brereton Parish Council will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 28 January 2019 at Brereton Primary School. All are welcome to attend. The agenda, which includes a 15 minute Public Forum, will be displayed on the notice boards and the website at

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