At the October meeting, a guest presentation was given about the Congleton Link Road by Alastair Lewis, Project Manager of the privately owned construction firm Graham. Councillors were reassured by the perceived impact this will have on the eastern side of the parish boundary, when it completes at the end of 2020. A cycle way will run alongside the new link road. The contractors have been working with local landowners to minimise disruption. Any enquiries from residents should be addressed to

Highways safety issues were raised by two residents about the A50, A5022 and Back Lane. These are being brought to the attention of the Highways Officer at Cheshire East. Councillors were asked to look at the Footpaths Report to report any missing footpaths and any problems with flooding.

The Connecting Brereton survey prepared by Brereton Parish Council with assistance from resident Shirley Strang was approved for distribution with a cover letter from the parish council to all 625 households in the parish. The survey asks residents for their input into the future initiatives that the parish council should run to benefit the parish.

Of the two planning applications considered at the meeting, Brereton Parish Council felt that no comment was required on either one.

The Parish Council has put in an order for three replacement litter bins for Brereton Green which include self closing lids. Cheshire East is providing a new bin of the same design for the church car park. The primary school has requested books to be purchased with the £1000 donation that the parish council has allocated for them. Five speed indicator poles are being purchased for the parish to be erected by Cheshire East for the three roving speed indicator devices. Councillors will suggest locations and direction of traffic flow for the devices for consideration by Highways.

At a recent meeting about speed indicator devices with Holmes Chapel Parish Council and Cheshire East, the parish clerk also put in a request for the re-opening of the Arclid Recycling Centre, which is a much missed facility in the parish.

Cllr John Wray highlighted the report he had circulated about 106 funding for Brereton Rural.

The next meeting of Brereton Parish Council will be held at 7.30pm, on Monday 18 November at Brereton Primary School. All are welcome to attend. The agenda, which includes a 15 minute Public Forum, will be displayed on the notice boards and the website at

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